Seacoast Compost 1cf

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1 cubic foot. A planting mix/soil amendment that's based on proven Biodynamic principles for building your garden ecosystem health from the soil up. We have been using Biodynamic practices at our own farm for years now, and the results are indisputable. With healthy, vital, balanced soil, your crops and the resulting harvests are stronger, have more flavor, and are more nutritious than those grown with conventional techniques. We are proud to offer you SeaCoast compost, an incredibly rich mix that's loaded with micro and macro nutrients and alive with the beneficial microbial life that will help re-build the health of your soil and help you produce abundant, tasty and nutritious crops. Crafted here in Oregon with the highest quality, responsibly sourced ingredients and carefully aged for 2 years. Certified Biodynamic by Demeter USA, and tested for pathogens, contaminates and heavy metals.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review