Martha Washington Geranium Baskets

Geraniums LOVE Alaska summers and our Martha Washington geranium baskets thrive in our dynamic summers.  These baskets feature a huge geranium in the center of the basket with white bacopa trailing over the pot sides.  Geraniums do best if blooms are deadheaded occasionally but the reward is unending clusters of blooms.  These baskets are medium sized and are pretty tough - can handle some wind and prefer a full sun location.  To keep them looking their best, be sure to pick up some fertilizer at Trinity!

Trinity guarantees 100% satisfaction on every reserved basket - if your basket doesn't meet or exceed your expectations, we will refund the purchase or apply your credit to any available basket in stock.  Baskets are generally available for pickup in late May to early June and we will contact you by email or text when your basket is ready.

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