Ivy Geranium Baskets

Ivy geraniums are a unique trailing type of geranium that features huge, bright round bloom clusters that are set off against a deep green foliage.  The combination is striking.  For 2024 we are adding trailing white bacopa to create an even fuller basket.  The bacopa will also reinforce the geraniums, providing greater resilience during windy periods and prevent damage to brittle geranium stems.  Geraniums will bloom continually throughout the summer if you remove dead blooms (many of our faithful ivy customers report loving the deadheading process - they snap off and aren't sticky - kinda therapeutic....:))  Ivy geraniums like a sunny location and regular fertilization.

Trinity guarantees 100% satisfaction on every reserved basket - if your basket doesn't meet or exceed your expectations, we will refund the purchase or apply your credit to any available basket in stock.  Baskets are generally available for pickup in late May to early June and we will contact you by email or text when your basket is ready.

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