Fuchsia Miss California Hanging Basket

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Product Overview

Fuchsias love Alaskan summers and will love any part sun location you can find - they do not tolerate long stretches of afternoon sun. Their unique pendant style blooms are stunning and these fuchsia baskets make a great choice in locations where you can enjoy their beauty up close. Fuchsias do need periodic "deadheading" - pluck spent blooms and berries from the stem to encourage new blooming. This basket features 3 plants in a 12" fiber hanging basket.

Baskets are ready for pickup in late May to early June and Trinity will email or call to alert you when your basket is ready to go home.

Your basket purchase is 100% guaranteed to delight!  If for any reason your basket doesn't meet and exceed your expectations, Trinity will refund your money or offer you a choice from our available inventory.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review